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Feature request

I work in the Data Processing department, which is our nomenclature for I.T.  We support departments where the supervisors would like to be able to listen to voicemails for members of their teams when the members are gone home sick and they need to follow up with voicemails to those sick workers.  I know I can go in and export the messages and send them to the supervisors, or change the passwords to the accounts and send that to the supervisors but both of those require a step of intervention by my team and the necessary wait that accompanies a request from one department to another.


It occurred to me that if an option were available that allowed us to set a/some supervisor password(s) for voicemails for extensions we could give the supervisors a password for their workers that would allow them at will to connect to their team members voicemails and skip us entirely.  To spell that out simply, the workers all have their own voicemail passwords as normal but a second password could be set on the extensions' voicemail settings that the supervisors could use to access the voicemails for the workers in their department.


I'm thinking it would be like me having a key to my office but my building manager having a master key that works not just for my office but for several offices.


What do you all think?


Hi markl,

For new features request you need to contact you Fortinet Account Manager and he will make contact with the right team to evaluate the feature. 
If the feature makes sense and will benefit a lot of customers for sure Fortinet will include it some time in future. 

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