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Fairly new to FortiSwitch

I have a mixed environment that was mainly Meraki switches. Due to COVID, business downturn, etc., I started to incorporate FortiSwitches into the environment in a standalone configuration, NOT connected to a FortiGate.  For the most part, I like them. 

However, I do miss all of the intelligence that get with the Meraki switches.


Is there a way to know what is connected to a port, such as the IP of the device, the device name etc.?

As you can see from the screenshot, there is a lot of intelligence that one does not have to dig for or spend lots of time trying to find. I do not expect a one to one, but just something so I know what is connected to a port, the IP, etc.





You can start with physical port information (BW utilization):

physical ports.PNG

Forwarding table (active hosts):

forwarding table.PNG

LLDP information:


Authentication sessions (authenticated user):

dot1x sessions.PNG

and than if integrated with FGT it will correlate all the possible information it can gather from different Fortinet products:


The IP information is not usually available in switches since they are running as L2 devices and that information is not read during packet switching.


If you are searching for something similar to the Meraki solution you can check FortiLAN Cloud

- Emirjon
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