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Failover PPPoE credentials on the same WAN port?

Hi all. We're looking at a lot of sites with FortiGate 60E firewalls moving broadband providers in the next few months. They'll be switching from one DSL provider to another, so the existing PPPoE DSL modem will be kept; the only thing we need to change is the credentials. Does anyone know of a way of specifying two sets of PPPoE credentials on a single WAN port such that if old set stops working (myaccount@old_isp/0ldP4ssw0rd) it automatically switches or fails over to the other set (myaccount@new_isp/N3wP4ssw0rd)? Currently we have to do this during the DSL service migration and most sites don't have backup lines (I know, I know) so we only find out on the day when we need to be on-site! Thanks in advance for any help!

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bit curious with the setup, meaning to say you have 2 pppoe for 1 link? could you maximize available 2 interfaces of your FG device? WAN1 for PPPoE1 and WAN2 for PPPoE2?

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Fortigate Newbie

Hi Fullmoon. There's only one DSL line at each site, so having two modems connected to the line - even if only one is being used by the Forti - isn't an option, unfortunately. Even if we could have two modems connected, only one would be functional at a time since there will be a specific point in time when the old ISP's service will halt on the line, and the new ISP's service will start.

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hi filatatum, did you ever get a response/solution to this problem?

I have the exact same problem to solve - I see the fortigates now support multiple PPPoE instances on a single port but it's unclear how/if this will work.



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