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Failed to get tunnel provider's return code

Hi all,


I am unable to connect VPN via FortiClient VPN v7.0.2.0069 on macOS 10.15. I found some solutions at Forums. But it still not work.

- Allowed FortiTray in Security & Privacy - General

- Granted Full Disk Access to FortiClient in Security & Privacy - Privacy

- Used IP address as host instead host name


Please help to provide some suggestion. Many thanks.


20220207 10:27:36 [FortiTray:DEBG] AppDelegate.swift:151 Reload config
20220207 10:27:36 [FortiTray:EROR] ConfigManager.swift:1522 Config file "/Library/Application Support/Fortinet/FortiClient/conf/epctrl.plist" not exist
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] VpnManager.swift:787 Start VPN: VPN_001
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] VpnManager.swift:611 VPN connecting
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:DEBG] Server URL: https://X.X.X.X:10443
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] VpnManager.swift:1397 Input request type: USER_INPUT_REQUEST_INVALID_CERTIFICATE
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] sslvpn.cpp:215 ApiEncMethod: 0
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] sslvpn.cpp:217 ApiRemoteAuthTimeout: 10
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] sslvpn.cpp:219 ApiServerSalt: 0ba94b52
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] sslvpn.cpp:220 flag: 95
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] sslvpn.cpp:314 Send authentication request
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] sslvpn.cpp:506 Authentication passed
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:DEBG] Stop process.
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] VpnManager.swift:1475 Notification: Cancel input
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] Login successful
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] sslvpn.cpp:575 Login successful
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] VpnManager.swift:1183 Inherit proxy settings
20220207 10:27:40 [FortiTray:INFO] VpnManager.swift:1217 Setup proxy exceptions
20220207 10:27:42 [FortiTray:DEBG] AppDelegate.swift:151 Reload config
20220207 10:27:42 [FortiTray:EROR] ConfigManager.swift:1522 Config file "/Library/Application Support/Fortinet/FortiClient/conf/epctrl.plist" not exist
20220207 10:27:42 [FortiTray:INFO] VpnManager.swift:611 VPN connecting
20220207 10:27:43 [FortiTray:EROR] VpnManager.swift:388 Failed to get tunnel provider's return code
20220207 10:27:43 [FortiTray:INFO] VpnManager.swift:604 VPN disconnected

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I have the exact same issue, when you do get it to function.. will last a week until one of the two sides release an update and ruins it all over again.  I have come to the understanding that while there is a button on fortinet product downloads for macOS, they clearly could not care less if it works or not.


Hi @downstorffleon ,


Hope someone finds a solution.


Hi @g4ry415 ,

Could you please check, is Mac’s Built-in Firewall enabled?, If it is enable, please try to disable it and check it again. 


Mayur Padma

Hi @msanjaypadma ,


The Firewall is turned off in Security & Privacy - Firewall. So I tried to turn it on and off again. But it still can't connect to VPN. Pressing 'Connect' button will take you back to the login page.

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