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FSeparate connection - 100D FortiGate


I have installed in my company the 100D FortiGate. It is connected to Fiber Modem via ethernet cable through <=> WAN port. Right now whole company have FireWall turned on. I would like to connect to it Ubiquiti antennas to transfer it to other building, but the problem is to have FireWall and whole protection turned off and also if it's possible have Full bandwidth of my internet provider (not just 300mb/s). I'm thinking if DMZ port is what I'm looking for?

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Bandwidth through the firewall will depend on what security profiles you're using, whether you have the firewall in proxy or flow mode, and some other details.  What is the bandwidth of your ISP?  


You can specify a security policy for any interface (like the DMZ interface) without specifying any security profiles, but that leaves whatever is directly behind it largely unprotected.  Hopefully you have some other firewall device you will be using there?  Though if so, could you not connect it directly to the Fiber Modem?


If you are running UniFi (Ubiquiti) devices behind the FortiGate I was just testing a configuration involving that.  Details at


My IPS is about 600mb/s and it would be great to have it on full. I can’t connect to Fiber Modem because the only one Ethernet port is connectors to WPS on FortiGate
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If your ISP is 600 Mbps then the 100D may simply be undersized for what you need, if you want more than basic flow based IPS and state based firewall. 


Looking at you could *maybe* get 600 Mbps with just IPS depending on your traffic mix.  But if you want a reasonably secure mix of IPS, App Control, and AV you're looking at more like 200 Mbps throughput.


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