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FSSO not working - odd icon

For background, I am trying to fix a problem where Web Filtering is not working.

Method being used is FSSO and Explicit Proxy, with a custom web filter applied to certain AD groups. Works fine on another site. Also the FSSO Agent and DC Agents installed on my local DC's report no issue connecting to the Firewall.


See attached screenshot, I am baffled....


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What version of firmware are you on. If not at least 5.4.9 or 5.6.5 I'd suggest upgrading. From little I can see on the picture it looks one of the old versions like 5.2 or below.


Also from work I've done, put AD agent on all AD servers in advance mode, use the collector, then ensure you're not using polling mode on the FW setup.


Also sometimes the FSSO local polling isn't deleted, make sure on the CLI this is removed. This reduces the amount of login and log off events we found


config user fsso  edit "Local FSSO Agent"  set server ""  set ldap-server "XXXXXXX"  next 


Hi, it's around 5.2 pending an upgrade... I should mention this *was* working fine for months then just stopped.


What is that icon supposed to be telling me?


I'll check the suggestions above tomorrow, thank you.


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