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FSSO - User in multiple groups



I have a FortiGate 201E running Fortios 6.0.4 In previous versions of FortiOS <5.6 there was a command (set auth-multi-group) that was remove in >5.6. With this command it was possible to authorize the user within multiple groups.

Multiple group enforcement support How can i configure this now on 6.0?

Let me explain what i want to achieve For example, Mark, Peter and Robert are in group Company_Medium_Access This profile have Social Networking and Streaming Media blocked. But company decided to give Mark access to Facebook and to Robert Youtube.

1 - Mark have access to Facebook

2 - Peter have access to Youtube

2 - Both have denies traffic for other Social Networking and Streaming Media content How can i configure this now?

If i create a web filter profile (static url filter) for Mark allowing only facebook rule number 3 is not processed.


I'm using FSSO in Advanced Mode with LDAP connection. I tried creating a FSSO User group with only the specific user (DN=) but that doesn't work.


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