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FSSO Question for 2 domains

I currently using explicit proxy on domain with a primary FSSO agent on both domain controllers in domain and everything is working fine. Now we have begun testing a new domain environment domain at a remote location across an mpls circuit. Both and domains are trusted with each other and when I open my FSSO agent on domain I can see domain to monitor. I have created a new ldap server on my fortigate and I can connect to domain when test connectivity. So on domain do I need to install a new FSSO agent and add another agent on the fortigate or do I just install the DC agent on domain and point the collectors to my FSSO agents on my current domain. Im on version 5.6.8 at the moment and Im a little confused on what I need to install on domain DC either the FSSO agent or just the DC agent.


Hi John, you have two options: 1 - simpler - install on another FSSO CA - if you can. This is much easier to operate and will work well.

2 - complex - you can, as you suggested, to point DCAgent from ->, but in that case you need to configure specific LDAP server for on Besides that, you need to create correct group filter between fgt and ca. This will be tricky, since you can have only one LDAP server selected in Fortigate and in FSSO CA too. Luckily, for such a cases, 'config user adgrp' can be edited manually. Or you can manually edit group-filter on CA, both ways are possible.


So my advice, unless you really can't, go for 1/.



smithproxy hacker -


I beleive I should be able to go OP1 route. Son once I install the FSSO collector on the new DC I also need to add that into the Single sign on agent section as another FSSO agent with ip and password I set on the FSSO agent. I was always a little confused on the single sign server as there is a primary FSSO agent and then a FSSO agent with the ability to add more thought it was more for failover but seems I might need to add the new one I install as well.

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