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FSSO, Multiple IP Addresses, and Captive Portals

Hey folks,


So I have an issue that I've seen posted in here a few years ago, but I'm still looking for a viable solution and I was wondering if the below idea may be a move in the right direction.

First, the issue: I have users who often leave their wifi on when docking their laptops, so they end up with a couple of IPs on the same subnet. This poses an issue for FSSO when they try to go out to the internet. They usually need to shut off their wifi and reboot their PC to fix the problem. In some extreme (and rare) occasions, I have to deauthenticate their session in the Fortigate200D, THEN have them reboot to re-establish their access to the internet. (Windows 2008 Domain with FSSO agent on the DC connecting to a 200D with 5.2.2 installed)


Now, is there an easy solution to this (other than telling them to turn off their wifi? That's a suggestion that earns me an unpleasant look by some of my users who also have their last names on the company letterhead...)? If not, is there a cap[tive portal type thing they could default to if their session can't authenticate with the FSSO? Like FSSO sees them as "Not Verified" so instead of the "Bugger Off No Internet For You" screen, they get an option to enter their domain credentials and go out to the internet?

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I have the same issue. Is there any update on this ?


Tobias Oed


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