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FSAE collectoragent.exe DCOM errors Event ID 10028



We installed FSSO Agent 6.0.4 on Windows Server 2016 Active Directory DC and we are using Fortigate 300D 6.0.4 Firmware. 


We have 2 issue first one


1. My some VLAN have problem about fsso. They cant access internet via their AD User. When i check the logs they are going the internet with IP Address. But some VLAN working excellent.


2. On my AD DC i see a lot of really very much error 

"DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer X.X.X.X using any of the configured protocols; requested by PID     1be4 (C:\Program Files (x86)\Fortinet\FSAE\collectoragent.exe)."


Do you have any idea?


Thank you guys.


1. for those non-working VLAN there might be simple IP based no-identity policy allowing traffic.

2. workstation check is probably enabled on Collector Agent and that collector is unable to connect to workstations through use of  tcp.445 .. tcp.135 + tcp.139 + udp.137 (as fallback ports/methods).

Tomas Stribrny - NASDAQ:FTNT - Fortinet stuff - TAC L3 Escalations engineer


1. I tried source "all" in this policy.

2. I checked client to dc - dc to client tcp 445 + tcp 135 + tcp 139 + udp 137 They can access these ports.