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FOrtigate to Netgear IPSec with PPPOE


Please can someone assist.


I have an IPsec VPN tunnel between a Fortigate 60D & a Netgear FVS318. The Fortigate has a static IP address BUT the Netgear uses a PPPOE connection that is linked to a DYNDns name.


The problem I'm facing is that when the IP address updates on the Netgear the Fortigate does not get updated hence the VPN goes down until I change the name and back to the Dyndns name.


How will I get the Fortigate to update the IP and renegotiate the tunnel?


Thanks in advance.

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You have two solutions for your current issue but it depends on your requirement. 

1. Configure DYDNS name on Netgear device. I am shared below link for your reference.


2. As you mention that you have static IP for your FortiGate device. So change the IPSec tunnel type from S2S to Dialup user.


Make sure, Your Netgear site must have a client site. Because VPN negotiation must be started from NetGear site. FortiGate will only responder. 



Deepak Kumar