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FGT1000D Memory Leak Issue (Help with automation stitch!)

Hi All, I am using a FGT1000D cluster on our network and since we moved from 5.6.3 to 6.2.2 we have found memory leaks occurring on a weekly basis. Typically what will happen is that the WAD service will just suddenly spike and will push the firewall into conservation mode, the only way to fix this is to either manually kill the WAD service through "diag sys kill PID" or to reboot the firewall.  I have logged a ticket with FortiNet regarding the memory leaks with all relevant details, while I wait for them to get back to me with a recommended course of action I was hoping someone could help me out with an automation stitch. I have configured a stitch that whenever the firewall goes into conservation mode that two actions occur. One of the actions is to email me and other colleagues who work on the cluster to notify us that the firewall has entered conservation mode (WHICH WORKS) and another action which is a CLI script which is supposed to restart the firewall in the event of going into conservation mode (THIS DOES NOT WORK) I will post the stitch configuration below and I am hoping that someone can help me understand what I am doing wrong so that I can get this working and also understand the automation stitches a bit more. ::::CONFIGURATION::::: -----------------------------

1000D_A (global) # show system automation-stitch "Conservation Mode - Action" config system automation-stitch edit "Conservation Mode - Action" set trigger "Conservation Mode - Action" set action "Reboot Firewall" "Conservation Mode - Action_email" next end

1000D_A (global) # show system automation-trigger config system automation-trigger edit "Conservation Mode - Action" set event-type event-log set logid 22011 next end

1000D_A (global) # show system automation-action config system automation-action edit "Conservation Mode - Action_email" set action-type email set email-to "emailaddress@company" "emailaddress@company" "emailaddress@company" set email-subject "WARNING: FIREWALL HAS ENTERED CONSERVATION MODE!" set email-body "The Firewall has entered Conservation mode, please rectify ASAP" next edit "Reboot Firewall" set action-type cli-script set required enable set script "config system global execute reboot y" next end

Thanks in advance!!

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