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[FGT1000D(6.2.3)] NET/Packet Capture/Edit "capture broke" ?

Re: [FGT1000D(6.2.3)] NET/Packet Capture/Edit "capture broke" ?


Created an Interface capture, then started the capturing process.  Capture began successfully.

Then exited the EDIT process and the capture status displayed "Not Running"

Re-edited, and restarted the capture, exited edit and the capture is "Not Running."

Re-edited, and restarted and did NOT exit...the capture completed 100% successfully.


I know unattended capture worked using 5.6


All helps are appreciated !!!



20200326 UPDATE:  Through experimentation I learned, if you start a NETWORK capture and don't exit the capture window and then LOGOUT of the fortigate, the CAPTURE filter will continue to RUN.  This is a work-around.  After logging back into the fortigate the previously started capture's status will be displayed as "Running."  The only way I found to keep the capture process running is to manually logoff or allow the FGT inactivity timer to force an auto logout.




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