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FG60E allow traffic between interfaces

Hi Guys,

Need some help please as I have a networking issue and I think the problem is to do with my GF60E.


I have a a setup like this:


Interface LAN1+LAN2 (virtual switch)

Wired clients subnet


Interface LAN 3 (Ubiquiti Unifi AP)

Wireless clients subnet


To allow LAN traffic between wired clients (LAN1+2) and wireless clients (LAN 3) I have a policy that allows all traffic from Virtual Switch (Wired) <-> LAN 3 (Wireless).


I have not created any routing and ping between wired and wireless works (all windows hosts with windows firewall down for testing).


The issue is that I have a Wired Zabbix server (computer monitoring) which can not seem get data on port 10050-51 from the clients.


Now this could be a number of things but after some experimentation I have discovered the issue only exists for wireless clients trying to connect.


Ping works between all clients.


Please check the sniffer and flow trace to identify if traffic is hitting firewall

diagnose debug disable
diagnose debug reset

diagnose debug flow filter saddr
diagnose debug flow filter daddr Zabbix_server_IP
diagnose debug flow filter port 10050
dia deb console timestamp enable
diagnose debug flow show function-name enable
diagnose debug flow show iprope enable
diagnose debug flow trace start 100
diagnose debug enable


diagnose sniffer packet any "host Zabbix_server_IP and port 10050" 4 0 l

Mrinmoy Purkayastha

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