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FG100D as dedicated web proxy

First of all excuse me if this is on the wrong section, I wasn't quite sure where to put it.

I have to replace a 2 years old FG90D used as a dedicated web proxy on a network, as it's no longer able to sustain the traffic it has. Its CPU gets overloaded and it simply stops working for a while. I had fortigate support take a look at it and they told me we were simply trying to get too much out of it.

So now I need a new fg to be used mostly as web proxy on a 200~300 power users network, I dont need speed as much as I just need it being able to handle the amount of sessions while still being capable of performing some basic security tasks (currently the 90D is so boggled it can barely run basic webfiltering). My client has his eyes set on the FG100D, but I'm not sure where he got that idea from.

Would the 100D be enough for this, or should I look for something else?




For 300, I would go for a higher model (240D) or check the new Fortigate 101E (new CP release).






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