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FG keep using Fortigate_Factory cert for deep inspection



to avoid certs error with deep inspection, we created and signed a cert with our CA which is trusted in the domain. 


I have sucessfully imported the cert and priv key into the firewall, the cert now appears in the CA list. 


If i change the cert that deep inspection uses to the new cert, it simply keep using fortigate_factory cert. I have checked in the cli and everything seems fine. There is already a case opened, but they couldnt figure it out. Even from support point of view the configuration is fine and the fortigate should be using the new cert, instead is ignoring that setting.




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I was trying to activate deep inspection for our mail server. So I configured a ssl inspection profile by selecting

"Protecting SSL Server" in the GUI. I also uploaded a signed certificate + key. With version 5.2.4 of the firmware the

fortigate was using the factory certificate.

After the update to version 5.2.5 a few days ago the fortigate is not inspecting the tsl traffic to our mail server at

all. I opened a ticket but I have no response from fortinet until now. ideas, but i'am in the same boat.


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