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FG Disconnected from FAZ after SSL connection closure

Hi guys


I was wondering why some of my Fortigate appliances were randomly disconnecting from their FortiAnalyzer, to reconnect themselves half a second later.

I found out that, everytime it happens, the logs are mentionning an SSL deconnection/reconnection like this :


SSL connection to is successfully closed.

Disconnected from FortiAnalyzer

SSL connection to is successfully established.

Connected to FortiAnalyzer


So everything's successful, except i don't know why it happens, neither why it doesn't happen on my other appliances. As far as i've seen, there's no specific configuration for SSL or FAZ on those ones.


Any idea where i should look to solve that problem ?


FYI, FAZ is on 6.2.3 and FG are on 6.2.3 or 5.4.9


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