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FG-60E-DSLJ | Deutsche Telekom ADSL2+ settings


After testing and reading I'm stuck with the setup of ADSL2+ connection including fixed IP with Deutsche Telekom.

We've ordered a Deutschland Lan Voice line, we've got ADSL2+ here and we've deactivated easy access at Deutsche Telekom customer portal and activated fixed IP.

Now I'll try to connect with built in ADSL modem but the "diag dsl show 2" command shows handshake and then exception of modem status.


I've tried follwing settings:

config system interface     edit "dsl"         set vdom "root"         set mode pppoe         set allowaccess ping fgfm         set vlanforward enable         set type physical         set vpi 1         set vci 32         set mux-type llc-encaps         set phy-mode adsl         set tc-mode atm         set vectoring disable         set role wan         set snmp-index 2         set ipunnumbered         set username "$THE-CORRECT-USERNAME$"         set password ENC $DEFINITLY-THE-CORRECT-PW$     next end I've tried with pppoe on dsl interface and I've tried it also with a vlan interface on top of the dsl interface where the vlanid=7.

Does anyone of you have a good/working config for the FG60EDSLJ ?


I'm also not sure what to setup for the dsl interface when using a vlan-interface on top and where to setup the PPPoE values.


BTW: The DSL line is working 100% I've tested with a DSL modem of another DTAG DSL line. And I've also talked to technical support of DTAG and they can measure, that there is a DSL modem connected to the line, when the FG60 is connected to it.


Thanks in advance.


Hi together,


I am having a FGT 60E DSL-J at home and I am trying to establish a DSL connect with the "Deutsche Telekom".

I've set the DSL interface to DHCP and configured a PPPoE VLAN on the DSL Interface with my login credentials for my ISP and the VLAN TAG 7. But there's no connection getting established. When I connect my FritzBox, to test if the connect is well, the DSL connect works immediatly. So it seems that the FGT is doing something wrong/different or/and I am missing any kind of configuration. Anyone here who can assist? Kind regards,



hm we never used a FGT with built in DSL modem but we did use FGT with some ZyXEL in Bridge Mode - so the FGT did the PPPOE.

What is wondering me is that you don't even get sync. You should get the line sync even without credentials and vlan and all that. Just if the modem is capable of the correct standard it should get sync once physically connected tot the line. Login and all that will only happen once it gets sync.


Maybe the FGT60E DSL-J is too old and does not support the needed Annex Standard vor ADSL2+? No it is not- just looked up the datasheet and it says that FGT60E DSL-J is capable af Annex J which DTAG uses on ADSL2+ Lines.

Are you sure it is a 60E DSL-J or is it just a 60E DSL (which only supports Annex A and B)?



"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

-- "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams
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Hi there,

solved the problem with the missing sync. It was a layer 1 problem. ;) Switch the DSL cables and the connect works fine now.

Sadly the 60E DSL-J seems to not support "supervectoring". After the successful connect I had only 20 mbit downstream instead of 250 mbit. Talked to Deutsche Telekom and they've mentioned that the 60E DSL-J doesn't support it.

I'm a bit confused because this would mean the FGT 60E DSL-J is complete useless in germany. Any thoughts? Kind regards,



Supervectoring is ITU-T G.993.2 Annex Q .

The 60E DSL-J supports Annex B and J (ITU-T G.992.1/3/5), G.993.2 and Vectoring (ITU-T G.993.5).

This is what the Datasheet reads.


Maybe you need to ask Fortinet TAC why it does not support Supervectoring even though it does support G.993.2. Maybe it doesn't support the needed profile in G.993.2 as datasheed list only a couple of profiles here.



"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

-- "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

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