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FG 200E performance compare



I'm using FG 200E in our company. In order to find other model to replace this, I found out FG 100F.

Reading the datasheets, it seems that they have similar throughput in terms of firewalling and packet inspection, encryption/decryption, etc...


FG200E has 1 NP6 and 1 CP9 but FG100F has only 1 SPU.

So I resume that FG200E is better on performance. Am I right?

In this case, I don't know why the datasheets show no big difference between the two models.





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My idea is generally opposite. 100F's SOC4 combines NP6xlite and CP9xlite.  More integration generally means higher performance. But the number on the datasheets are about the same. So I would trust those numbers.

Then I wouldn't consider changing from FG200E now as long as it's working fine or no major org changse in sight since it still has long life, maybe until "G" series hardware comes out.

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Are you having performance issues on the 200E?  Why do you wish to replace it?

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