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FAZ license is duplicated



How could we solve the problem on FortiAnalyzer license that display license is duplicated in License Status.


# get sys status

Platform Type                   : FAZVM64

Platform Full Name              : FortiAnalyzer-VM64

Version                         : v7.2.1-build1215 220809 (GA)

Serial Number                   :

BIOS version                    : 04000002

Hostname                        :

Max Number of Admin Domains     : 5

Admin Domain Configuration      : Disabled

FIPS Mode                       : Disabled

HA Mode                         : Stand Alone

Branch Point                    : 1215

Release Version Information     : GA

Current Time                    : Tue Aug 08 15:55:54 CEST 2023

Daylight Time Saving            : Yes

Time Zone                       :

x86-64 Applications             : Yes

Disk Usage                      : Free 470.62GB, Total 491.15GB

File System                     : Ext4

License Status                  : license is duplicated



Rogério Ferreira.


Hi @RogerioF ,


A duplicate license error means that FortiGuard server has detected another FortiAnalyzer-VM that has applied the same license.
You might need to check if you have other devices that is using this license.
This can be checked through the Serial Number of the device as the Serial Number is binded to the product license.  

If you plan to reuse your license, then you will need to completely decommission or power off the old VM.


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Mayur Padma
New Contributor

Good afternoon, how are you? Did you manage to solve the problem, could you share how?



Hello, in my solution I have a closed network license registration on FMG. And I didn't have any additional FAZ on the network and registered on FMG.

At the end, I re-install the same license on FAZ and reboot and it solved my problem.

New Contributor II

I am using the trial FAZ and FAZ seems to be in an endless loop where it cycles between "Trial license" and "VM license is invalid because license is duplicated." When I attempt to login, FAZ alternates with normal login or presents the initial setup dialog. I have only registered/licensed the VM once and Forticloud shows just the one asset. Any idea how to fix this? What is going wrong?

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