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Exposing a couple of FortiGate reports for embedding on a web page

We're running a fairly small operation and would like to be able to expose the DHCP Monitor and Firewall User Monitor data on a page for the admins at the couple of facilities where we have our Fortigate 51E units without granting them access to the units themselves. Is this possible either directly or via FortiCloud without having to go and buy a FortiAnalyzer setup that would otherwise go unused? Does FortiCloud even offer these reports or the raw data access needed to generate them (so far I can't seem to find it) or is the only way to expose this basic information to either log directly into the Fortigate or drop a bundle of money on FortiAnalyzer or FortiManager (or hand-roll some complex solution that requires me to determine how to parse all the time-series syslog data into a distilled view of current users who are connected)?

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