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Explicit proxy start from which model

Hi all, I have a couple of clients with FGT 40C models. In v4MR3 the explicit proxy option was in the GUI. In v5 i needed to enable it through CLI and assign to interface / create policy ect.. in CLI I have clients with FGT 60D,100D and upwards but in v5 they still have the GUI option for explicit proxy. The FGT 40C models i had issues with v5.0.0 in the CLI the explicit proxy couldn' t be enabled with " config explici..... enable" . Version 5.2.1 i could enable it through the CLI but the policy couldn' t be set for " srcintf web..." whatever i did. Question now is what is the right model for explicit proxy? I found articles stating 100D or higher or even 60D I think to myself if it' s not in the GUI its not worth enabling it because its not there for a reason. Thanks in advance and great day
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Hi there are two documents responsible to finde out: - What is possible on CLI and GUI and at all which functions are possible: Software Matrix - What is the maximum I can configure For Software Matrix log in to your Fortinet Support Account and/or Partner and search within Search function for Software Matrix. hope this helps have fun Andrea
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