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Error 0x8007003b in VPN usage



This error is known in windows's world and yet I can't fix it. It occurs when I uploading files above ~10MB on a NAS. At the beginning the file is uploading successfully but at a moment the error 0x8007003b occurs...

Upload works perfecly for files less than 10MB.

I deactivated antivirus, firewall, it happen whatever the file is, wherever the wifi spot is and on different computer as well...

I tried VPN version 6 and 6.4 without success.

And I liked to add : only few users have this issue...


Where the probleme is coming from ?

Thanks for helping me out...


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Well...found the answer !


Open powershell as admin

Change the value of the SMB's SessionTimeout with command :

Set-SmbClientConfiguration -SessionTimeout 600 -Force

Here it's set to 600.


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