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Enabling proxy for FortiToken on FortiAuthenticator may lead to "HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request error".



Is there a possibility that when obtaining FortiToken through FortiAuthenticator with proxy enable setting, FortiToken authentication fails? The error code from the proxy server is "HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request error".

I'm not sure if this issue is with FortiAuthenticator or the proxy server.


Thank you.



Hi @suminpark ,
As per my understanding you are proxying the authentication requests from FAC to another remote server and receiving the error on the server. 
Usually the 400 BAD REQUEST means that the request could not be processed because it contains missing or invalid information.

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Thank you for your response. If the firewall between FAC and the proxy server, including FortiGate, is allowing traffic without issues, then it's likely that the issue lies within the FortiAuthenticator (FAC) itself.


In this case, troubleshooting within the FAC configuration and logs would be the next step. You may want to check if the requests from FAC to the proxy server are correctly formatted and contain all the necessary information. Additionally, reviewing any error logs or debugging features within FAC can provide insight into what might be going wrong.


Feel free to provide the captured content for further analysis and assistance.


Thank you.

2024-04-30 09;41;31.PNG2024-04-30 09;37;37.PNG






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Hello @dbu


Sure, please go ahead and provide the logs from the proxy server for further analysis. Thank you for your cooperation.


2024-04-30 09;45;50.PNG


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