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Hello Good morning,

Yesterday when I updated the fortiproxy to version 2.0.9 I got the following message in the HA logs

The line is as follows:

"c3-0 wcs_read_dpt_from_file:2484 ERROR: Can't read part into file".

Can you tell me what this means ? I have tried to look for information but I have not found anything clear.

Thanks in advance

Best regards

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Hello @glopezbi ,


Thank you for posting your query on the Fortinet Community Forum. As per your query this seems to be an issue with the hard disk. You can try rebooting the SLAVE unit and then the PRIMARY unit.

Let me know if this helps.



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Hello Good morning Mohit, 

Thank you very much for your contribution

Well, the error appeared when I updated to version 2.0.9 in the system event traces.

As soon as the upgrade was done, both master and slave nodes restarted completely,

This is in a production environment, as soon as I have any problem or additional information, I add this information in the thread

Thanks in advance

All together we can fix the fortiproblems

Greetings from madrid




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