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ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE on Fortinet Captive Portal for Specific Users and Devices

Somos uma empresa fornecedora de Portal Cativo externo, operando em diversos modelos Fortinet e atendendo diversos clientes. No entanto, estamos enfrentando dificuldades com alguns clientes. Curiosamente, não é um problema universal, mas parece afetar utilizadores e dispositivos específicos. O portal cativo aparece no dispositivo móvel, mas quando o indivíduo finaliza o cadastro, é exibida uma mensagem de erro: "Esta página não está funcionando. Nenhum dado foi enviado pela fortinet.


Estamos nos perguntando se isso pode estar relacionado ao portal pós-cativo do site final acessado. Existe algum padrão ou padrão para entender esse erro?


Translating to English:
We are an external Captive Portal supplier company, operating on different Fortinet models and serving different customers. However, we are experiencing difficulties with some customers. Interestingly, it is not a universal problem, but appears to affect specific users and devices. The captive portal appears on the mobile device, but when the individual completes registration, an error message appears: "This page is not working. No data was sent by fortinet. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE." We're wondering if this might be related to the post-captive portal of the final site accessed. Is there any pattern or pattern to understand this error?


Answering to it:

How are you registering here? Is this a FortiAuthenticator that hosts the portal? Or FortiGuest, FortiPortal or FortiGate directly?

Do you have any error message on the captive portal hosting device when this error appears?


Best regards,





We use FortiGate, and this error occurs when we request the release using a post to the URL like this:

where is the controller's IP.

IPs and MACs are fictitious there.


Is the portal offered by an external web server that manages the registration of the users?

- Emirjon
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Yes, externo.

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