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ECMP Spillover with redundant Tunnels

I am using redundant Tunnels towards other Destinations (e.g. 4 Tunnels from Hub -> Spoke ) I run OSPF over this Tunnels, so i get 4 routes with same chracteristics. 


ECMP seems to work, i get Sessions on all Tunnel-Interfaces.


Now i tried to favor one of the tunnels (as this orginiates from the biggest connection).


I tried with ECMP Spillover setting a high value on the Tunnel-interface.

-> cleared all Sessions, new sessions a distributed across all tunnels, even more are on a Tunnel with no threshold

I would expect that traffic will use only the Interface with the high threshold.


I also tried with weight (giving the preffered tunnel a high weight, the others a significant lower weight)


Same results no preference of the tunnel is seen.


Am i missing something? e.g. is it not working on routes received by OSPF via Tunnel interfaces? 


Any hints?