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Dual WAN Dual LAN; ObjectLan2 to subnet LAN1


I would like to create 2 separate LAN where LAN1 can access to WAN1 and LAN 2 can access to WAN2 (2 different IS'P and 2 different society on the same Fortigate 60F).

I've created 2 static routes and 2 policy routes and I'm able to pointing WAN 1 with LAN1 and WAN 2 with LAN2.

The problem now is: how to one object of the LAN 2 can reach all the LAN1 subnet, and how the LAN1 subnet can communicate with this object in LAN2.

Someone can help me with this issue?

The Fortigate 60F is in the last firmware Release software

Thanks in advance




As you are pushing all traffic from lan1 to wan1, and all traffic from lan2 to wan2, lan1 would not be able to reach lan2 or vice versa. You may need to enable another 2 policy routes and keep it on the top to push traffic from lan1 to lan2 network if destination is lan2 subnet, and another one for pushing traffic from lan2 to lan1 network if the destination is lan1 network.\


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