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Dual Uplink ForitAP with Cisco Switch

I'm used to the gates but this is my first time starting to play with FortiAP. I currently have a FortiGate connected to a Cisco IOS switch. This then has two links down into my FortiAP. I want to get the FortiAP working with both uplinks nicely with the Cisco switch but i am struggling to understand what protocol is being used on the FortiAP side to handle the redundant layer 2 link (AP in bridge mode at the moment) so i can configure the Cisco correctly. Can anybody provide my any infoamtion or references on this please I have done some googling but either i cant google or there isnt much info on this topic.

omegle xender

The configuration is shown here:
You can choose to use LACP to utilise the full bandwidth or just redundancy without LACP in case of link failure.

- Emirjon
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