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Does HTTPS web caching (reverse-proxy) work in 5.4?



I am using a pair of 200D devices in Active-Passive mode running 5.4 and am having trouble with web caching of HTTPS traffic coming from the Internet into our webserver (reverse proxy).


I had this working under 5.2 using "config firewall policy" -> "use webcache-https ssl-server" and "config wanopt ssl-server" however 5.2 only supported tls-1.0 when caching SSL so I upgraded to 5.4. The "use webcache-https" option only has enable or disable as options now and the "config wanopt ssl-server" doesn't exist at all. I've tried "config firewall ssl-server" instead of "config wanopt ssl-server" however I cannot get this working.


I've got web caching working fine on 5.4 with HTTP traffic, but not HTTPS traffic. Does anybody have this working?


By the way, I've read the 5.4 web cache guide at however this seems to contain commands like above that don't existing 5.4 according to the 5.4 CLI reference. I think maybe there was some copy & paste in the docs from 5.2 to 5.4 without testing!


Best wishes Ian


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