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Does FGT support dual NAT like Checkpoint?

May i know does FGT support dual NAT?
for example originating traffic from (Source) ---> going destination ( ---- so (Translate source ), after it ------> (translate source )
it's similar table below.
Original SourceOriginal DestinationOriginal ServicesTranslated SourceTranslated DestinationTranslated Services
Thank for anyone if do have idea.
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Hello, I'm afraid that is not possible (with this way) using Fortigate.

You have to create an VIP object to redirect an IP destination to another one and after that, you can enable NAT Overload in the policy with the IP you want to change at the source.

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HI, would like to know your method using policy nat or central nat?


also curious to know the NAT overload IP would be and destination would be translate dst IP other else IP??

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