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Do I need to set routing for IP address of IP Pool?

Hi guys,

I want to know about IP Pool if I use IP address besides Interface IP address.


I set IP address as on wan1.

and set NAT internal → wan1 to use IP Pool ( -

wan1 is conecting on Catalyst 3560X.

and Catalyst 3560X is conecting Internet.


Do i have to set routing for SNAT IP Pool address( - on Cat 3560X in this case ?



Thanks in advance.

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If the subnet is /24 or larger and the switch has one of IPs in the subnet, it would deliver the packets destined to those IPs through the interface.


Thank you for your reply Toshi-San I understand that. If I set IP pool so I need routing for this IP Pool on 3560X in this case?
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Yes. Otherwise the switch (acting as a router) doesn't know where to deliver the packets destined to 10.10.10.x.

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