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Discord Voice Call

Hi All,


I am using a Fg-30E running firmware v6.2.8 build1232 (GA). Having some issue with Discord call. I can't seems to make discord call when I apply security policy. Discord itself works but not discord call. It show "No Route". But when I disable all works. I have enable all to pass thru on web filtering, application control, AV and nothing seems to work.


Any particular thing I should look for?

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Hi, I have a similar problem while using 7.0.5.


I was only able to make Voice Calls on Discord when I created a policy with no security policies to RIPE's supernets and allowing only UDP from 50000 to 50023.

While also allowing connection with no security polices to the following FQDNs:



Then I had to create another access to the Internet Service:




If you're feeling braver and no concerns about security, you can whitelist CloudFlare's public IPs which may be found on their website.


This is all unidirectional access.


I also tested everything with no security policies and I still couldn't get video to work.


You can also try troubleshooting it with Discord Canary and with developer mode on, you will have more visibility of what discord is trying to do, but in my case, there are no evidences on why video isn't working.

I don't recommend these configurations and would wait for a more senior reply. I only did the above to test Discord.