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Discontinuation of FCNSP ERC codes for NSE-4 partners

Dear Partner,


We're on an exciting path to elevate our support experience to new heights, aiming to tailor our services even more closely to our partners' needs. As we evolve towards a more dynamic support approach, we are ditching the traditional L1, L2, L3 model for a more agile, swarming methodology which matches cases to resources automatically, so we’ll be saying goodbye to the ERC/PIN code feature in our partner program from June 30th. This is a crucial step in supercharging our support efficiency, ensuring you receive quicker and more straightforward assistance.


And here’s some news we’re excited about. A fresh, new Support portal is just around the corner. With this upgrade, we’re not just tweaking a few things; we’re revolutionizing how you’ll get help, offering a richer array of self-help options and putting more control at your fingertips, faster and easier than ever before. We can’t wait to share more details with you soon.


To tap into the full potential of our enhanced CS&S ecosystem, and explore a broad spectrum of technical resources and tools, make sure to visit the Fortinet support portal at or


ERC codes will no longer be in play after June 30th. If you need to reach out to our support hotline for ticket updates or queries, just key in your ticket ID as prompted by our IVR, and you'll either be directly linked to the engineer assigned to your case or assigned to the best available resource.


Thank you very much for bearing with us as we implement these enhancements. Your continued trust and partnership are invaluable to us, and we're thrilled to keep building on our joint success and ensuring our collaborations bring even greater value to our customers.


Warm regards,




Q: What happens to our existing ERC code? 

A: Select /Advocate partners – The termination notice has been sent to all members and termination on June 30, 2024.  Expert/Advanced- The termination notice will be sent in June for termination on September 30, 2024.


For hotline support, entering your ticket ID will route your call directly to the relevant engineer.


Q: Can we request a senior level engineer?

A: Such requests can be discussed directly with the technical support engineer managing your ticket.


Q: How can we prioritize a ticket?

A: For details on ticket prioritization, please consult the Fortinet Companion to Technical Support at


Q: What are the new certification requirements? 

A: For certification requirements, please review the instructional video


Q: How does the NSE certification policy transition appear? 

A: For information on NSE 4 and transition policies, visit [NSE Certification Transition Policies (Program Updates as of Oct 01, 2023)](


Q: What benefits does the Fortinet Certified Professional training offer? 

A: The program introduces a digital badging system, highlighting the specific skills and knowledge gained. For more details on the new training program and certifications, visit [Why is Fortinet changing the NSE program and creating new certifications?] ( For recertification and training questions, contact your regional training team at,, or



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