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Differents timezones in Fortianalyzer

Hi, we have a Fortianalyzer that receives logs from Fortigates in differents countries with differents timezones.

Is there a way to configure Fortianalyzer to see the logs received with the correspondent timezone of each equipment?

The firmware version is 7.2.2


Thanks in advance



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  1. Log in to the FortiAnalyzer web interface.

  2. Navigate to the "System Settings" section.

  3. Click on "Log & Report Settings" or a similar option depending on the interface layout.

  4. Look for the "Time Configuration" or "Time Settings" section.

  5. Enable the option to "Use FortiGate Device Timezone."

  6. Save the changes.

By enabling this option, FortiAnalyzer will display the logs received from FortiGate devices according to their respective timezones. This allows you to view the logs with the correct timestamp based on the location of each FortiGate device.

Farina Ahmed

Great @FarinaAhmed 

I'm going to make the test.