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Deploying Forticlient 6.2.6 from EMS deployment package makes Windows 10 useless

Hi Guys,

I've just installed Forticlient EMS on a domain connected computer.

The initial setup of the EMS has been completed. It has been joined to the domain.

A profile is created, this profile is used in the policy which is assigned to active directory OU.

At that point I just want to test the deployment process. Since all the workforce is home I cannot deploy through group policy. So I chose to provide https link to the deployment package. (P.S. Package is configured to create an ssl-vpn link to the company's Fortigate) It is also configured to register back to the EMS so that policy will be applied.

In the test process I install fresh windows 10 to a virtualbox vm. It is joined to the domain (VPN is setup through my host- Client does not have any previous forticlient version whatsoever )

When I download the installation package from EMS and install everything seen to be working. Forticlient does not register itself back to the EMS, therefore sslvpn connection is not created at that point. 

Problem arises when I reboot the machine. It immediately starts recovery mode and none of the recovery options work. It cannot be booted in safe mode, logs enabled, even going back to a restore point does not work. It says that recovery point is corrupted. 

I've tried installation by use of exe and msi packages separately. Afterward, I suspect from the health of the installation package and create a distribution package with an older version of the forticlient. At that point, I wonder if this could be a problem caused by the virtualization environment. But I've no courage to test it on a real installation. 

Does anybody faces with such a horror?




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