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Delete harvested email addresses (captive portal)



We have created a captive portal in our Guests SSID, which captures email addresses.


I can view the "harvested" email address via the dashboard widget.


I need to be able to remove/delete entries from the database of captured/harvested addresses - how can I do this?


I've tried the following, but the email address entries do not appear, so I am assuming it's because it's for an old FortiOS: Technical Tip: How to clear logons for an email ha... - Fortinet Community


We are using v7.2.3 on a FortiGate FG-60F.


Thank you


Hi there,


Probably this is what you're looking for, is it?


diag firewall auth list
diag firewall auth filter

diag firewall auth clear


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Thank you for the reply.


It doesn't look like this is what I'm after:


utm-h006413 # diag firewall auth list, 88-B1-11-5A-D8-95
        type: other, id: 0, duration: 93432, idled: 80227
        flag(10): radius
        server: daloRADIUS
        packets: in 14025 out 16230, bytes: in 5702876 out 4066696

----- 1 listed, 0 filtered ------

utm-h006413 # diag firewall auth filter
Current filters used to list authenticated policies:
        Policy ID: any
        User: any
        Group: any
        Source(IPv4): any
        Source(IPv6): any
        MAC: any
        Method: any

utm-h006413 # 


What I'm looking for is some way to list the collected email addresses with options to remove/delete them.


This FortiGate currently has two email addresses harvested, but neither are being listed in the diag tools.


Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.


Thank you.


I'll check that for you and come back.

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Thank you!

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