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Deep SSL Inspection with NPM? (NGINX Proxy Manager)

I have two different setups that I'm trying to figure out setup for SSL Deep Inspection. The first setup is what I have and the 2nd setup is what I'm going to. How do I make Deep SSL Inspection work for this. I'm using NPM to acquire the certs via Let's Encrypt for these items. On the 2nd setup, I want to use a physical box with NPM on it and put it in a DMZ so I'm no longer exposing the host so much.

Hoping the following picture helps explain. Am I think about this correct and How do I make this work with Deep SSL Inspection and my users don't get SSL Errors?

omegle xender
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You can do deep inspection and WAF on FGT, and in the same time FGT supports ACME with letsencrypt.

But if you want to do it with NPM I believe you can find how to do on the NPM documentation and forms. In that case FGT will do nothing except forward HTTP/HTTPS traffic to NPM via VIP.


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