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Daily Scheduled Shutdown and Restart of FortiGate 60C

I have a 16yr old son with a computer in his bedroom and I want to simulate loss of the Internet each school night at 11pm to ensure that he is not using his computer after bedtime.  I am a kindergarten newbie when it comes to managing my hardware.  Can someone help me set up a schedule in the management software that that shuts down the router each school night at 11pm and starts it back up again at 11:45 pm?

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If you're simply looking to stop him from accessing stuff, you could create a policy on the firewall that has a schedule that makes it deny all traffic from 11pm til 11:45pm. 

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Thanks FatalHalt for the feedback.  How would I do that within the management software?  Again, I am a newbie here.  

It would be even better if I could just shut down traffic to the port that he is plugged into.  Being that specific would let me still use the internet if I am up after 11pm working or using AppleTV etc.


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