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DUAL Wan split VPN traffic

Hello everybody,


I've got a 50B, FortiOS 4 MR3, with dual wan in our remote office.

I'd like to use the wan1 for internet traffic (satellite connection) and wan2 for VPN (shdsl connection).

Actually the VPN traffic use the wan1 connection with a lot of problems (high latency)  and I'd like to move this traffic on wan2 (low latency).

I've created two static routes: the first one use the wan1 gateway and the second one use the wan2 gateway with a higher distance.

What should I have to do to separate the vpn traffic?


Best regards.


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Is this a Site-2-Site VPN from remote office to headquarters?

If it is i have some pointers, but have not tested it myself.


If WAN2 is only for VPN i would guess a specific route to external address of other side of tunnel with WAN2's ISP gateway address as destination would solve the problem with traffic being forced out on WAN1.


Then you will have to:

  • Enable IPSec on WAN2 Interface. 
  • Change interface on VPN Phase 1 Configuration to WAN2(have to delete and add new)[ul]
  • This means you have to delete routes, firewall policies, and phase 2 then phase 1 for old VPN.[/ul]
  • Other side of tunnel has to point to external IP of WAN2[/ul]

    You have to change both sides of the VPN to fix this, and as i said I have not tested this. 

    So if you are to test it, be sure to backup both firewalls before doing so...






  • \\ Torgny

    \\ Torgny
    New Contributor

    Hi Torgny,


    thanks a lot for your suggestions.

    I've configurated the two firewalls and they seems to work fine.



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