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DPI and Student Chromebooks


I seem to be having an issue with DPI on student Chromebooks since upgrading to 6.2.1 from 5.6.8.  Since upgrading it seems that I have to push a security certificate to them now for them not to get the certificate warning. I never had to push a certificate to them before when using 5.6.8.  


I'm also seeing weird issues with site's like Google Drive not allowing access and our GoGuardian site not loading context menus properly until I change the SSL Inspection to Certificate inspection.


As of right now I'm leaving all of my firewall policies on Certificate Inspection, but I feel like the firewall misses a ton of HTTPS traffic with this method.  Has anyone run into issues like this with 6.2.1?  Any advice on how to proceed with turning DPI back on and not causing a storm of issues for my users?




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Hello, I had issues with access when I tried to make the end of year Chromebook collection (as a part of my GoGuardian Teacher plan). I tried to contact Chris Greene, but there was no reply. I need to do inventorying of students’ Chromebooks.


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You may need to update your Chromebook browser or install some Windows or MasOS updates. Strange errors such as context menu refusal to load occur when you don't update your system or the software. Students at asa miami are often reminded to update the system with banners and special student markings. DPI is an uncomplicated system, so everything will disappear after the upgrade. If even an update doesn't help, reinstall your Chromebook. GoGuardian can answer your questions in an email created for the helpdesk. I answered you because once I encountered a similar problem when I tried to do a data archive, and I got an error.

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