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DNS provider



We already configure internet failover with 2 ISP, because our provider restrict to use outside dns for resolving we must configure router using DNS provider. I check on fortigate there is only to options for dns (primary dns and secondary dns setting). is it correct if i configure primary dns using ISP1 (their primary dns) and secondary dns using ISP2 (their primary dns too), so if one of connection failed user still can resolve for domain. But the problem is we dont know their primary dns always up or not. on fortigate is it possible to configure dns more then 2, i mean i will insert all dns provider to the fortigate.


we using fortgate 100E with firmware v6.0.2 build 163.


Thank you for suggestion, appreciate.



User can use any dns server  through which dns queries can be directly send to required dns servers from whichever ISP, while the dns server set on FortiGate is for dns services required by firewall system. You can use one dns server from each ISP to be set as primary and secondary, and if you still need to set another 2, newer FortiOS supports setting an alternate primary and secondary servers(CLI Reference | FortiGate / FortiOS 7.0.7 | Fortinet Documentation Library).


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