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DHCP request not making it to FG-80C

I have an FAP222b (AP1) in bridge mode to make a jump across a 30 yd distance to another FAP222b (AP2) that is the root in the mesh. Units wired to the switch that is wired to AP1 do not get an IP when using DHCP. The wifi seems to work fine off AP1, but nothing on the wired side of AP1 gets an IP and therefore can' t communicate unless they get static IPs. However, even then, they can' t seem to communicate out to the rest of the network. AP1 was recently replaced and the problem persists. Any ideas on what I have configured wrong and how to fix it? To complicate matters, the 80C does see AP1 and AP2 without a problem. Also, if I am accessing the network from a client on the AP2 side of the jump, I can access and configure AP1 from there.
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Hi, The packets arrive at the Fortigate? the Fortigate is the DHCP server? Try to debug to see if the packets arrive at the Fortigate. #diagnose sniffer packet any ' host and udp and port 67 or port 68' 6 100 You can user wireshark to view the packets Here you have a link to help you convert the packets to .pcap
There is no patch for human stupidity...
There is no patch for human stupidity...

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