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DHCP on Fortinet 40F VLAN

Hello All,


I am a little stuck. I am trying to configure network based Wifi DHCP on our network (currently the network is setup as many different WAPs each acting as their own router and handing out DHCP individually). Currently there are no VLANs setup on the network. Everything is currently either Static IP or assigned by our DHCP server in the network and that gateway is on a Fortinet 101F. Our wifi is on a different LAN with Below is a simplified diagram of the network as it stands right now. 




I have a managed switch which I can plug the WAPs into. I setup a port in VLAN 100 (it is an old cisco SF302). Theoretically, If I create VLAN 100 on the 40F and enable DHCP for it,  it should only apply an address to what is plugged into the port that is setup in VLAN 100 correct? Or will it start assigning addresses to everything on our network that is plugged in even if they aren't on that VLAN? I just don't want to bring our network to a screeching halt the second I have it start handing out addresses and I also don't want it fighting our DHCP server.   



can't see the diagram but the concept of VLAN is correct because the purpose of VLANs is to separate broadcast domains. Existing devices on (Cisco's) native VLAN won't see a DHCP server on a different VLAN.


Thank you!


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