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DHCP not unblocking mac address

I blocked one mac address under additional DHCP options. It was successfully blocking the device from getting the IP. Later, I deleted this entry. still the device is unable to get the IP.


Thru CLI I checked and could not find any entry related to that mac address, still the device is unable to obtain the IP address.


FGT80E-JIZAN # config system dhcp server    

FGT80E-JIZAN (server) # sh


FortiGate 80E, firmware v6.4.1 build1637 (GA)


could any one guide me in unblocking this device


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It's a very strange behaviour and might be related to a bug.

Did you try the command "execute dhcp lease-list" to check the DHCP server lease list ?


You can get more information by activating dhcp debugs even I'm not sure it would be useful in this case:

diag debug application dhcps -1

diag debug enable


You can also try to restart the dhcpd deamon and see if it resolves the issue (but be careful because this may have an impact on other users)



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