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Hi, We have a FGT90D running v5 bhild 292. Ever since it has been setup we notice that giving ip to users seems a bit slow. Average fastest ip assignment was at least 3 mins which we find it too long. Sometimes it would even take 10 mins or so. Network setup is 2 wans then a cisco switch. Tried isolating the case by connecting directly to fortigate lan port but still same thing. Can someone advise. Are we running on a too old firmware? Do we have cli commands to troubleshoot the problem? Thanks.
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To debug DHCP server feature, you would eventually need Wireshark or something to sniff dhcp handshakes between clients and the server(FG90D) on LAN. I'm guessing either FG90D doesn't like what clients are sending or the requests might not be reaching to the FG. But first I would sniff the packets in and out on the interface at the FG (diag sniffer packet). I think you can use 'dhcp' as protocol to capture only what you want to see.

For the version you are running, v5-build292 is 5.0.9. Since that version it's gone through 5.2.x and 5.4.x major versions and now 5.6.0 is available. I would recommend upgrading it up to 5.4.x at some point.