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Create a new Partition 40C

Hi you all,


It seems I lost one of the two partitions on my Fortigate 40C, during last electrical stop.


I made some test as: format of partition, new installo image from TFTP of many version, but anytime I'll tray the update of rom via GUI, the system hang up. I'll try to reboot with the #2 backup partition and it hang up again.


I lot one day reading guide and forum and I found this 2 command line:


FGT40C3911000442 # diagnose sys flash list Partition                           Image                                  TotalSize(KB)            Used(KB)       Use%            Active 1                 FGT40C-5.00-FW-build292-140801           128979                        26598           21%             Yes 3                  FLDB-10.00974                                       3586560                      67648            2%              No Image build at Aug 1 2014 01:30:26 for b0292

FGT40C3911000442 # execute disk list

Device S0 3.7 GB ref: 0 USB DISK 2.0 (USB) [FLASH] partition 3 3.5 GB ref: 3 label: 55B988A76DDD4770

FGT40C3911000442 # Timeout exit


I think my partition n.2 was daed, but on-line I can't find the CLI command to re-create a new

Can you help me?


Tanks a lot



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