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Connection errror (E=98,T70,M99,R-983070010)

A Win8.1 machine has a frequently reoccurring problem with connecting Forticlient to the remote endpoint. It will sit for a moment at 98%, then display the error: Unable to establish the VPN connection.(E=98,T70,M99,R-983070010)

It goes away after a system reboot, but may show up again the next day and so on. I would like to find a solution to this. I see this in the debug logs:

Debug    VPN    FortiSslvpn: 13308: Ras : dialing fortissl Debug    VPN    FortiSslvpn: 6952: rasfunc error: 0:633 Error    VPN    FortiSslvpn: 13308: Ras : connection to fortissl failed : 6:0:0:

According to msdn docs 633 is ERROR_PORT_NOT_AVAILABLE which implies a port conflict, but the logs don't state which port.

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When I experienced this error message it was due to the following:

10570]rmt_apsession.c:1023 failed to get dynamic IP 10570]tunnel_state.c:1230 no more IPs addresses available


Strange that the same error message was displayed for what appears to be a different issue according to your debug logs.


My debug logging level was set to -1


I also got this error, and the issue was (eventually) that the user account (not password) had expired in AD.

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One of our user also got this problem.  User account was fine.  It was resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling FortiClient.

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