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Connecting RDP through Fortigate

Hey guys, I recently got my hands on an older model Fortigate 80C. I've set up a test environment with 1 server and 2 PC, with the Server and PC 1 separated from the network through the Fortigate.


i've setup fortigate according to this video:


Basically I created 2 policies that allows all traffic and services from Internal to WAN, and from WAN to Internal.

I also route it through the default gateway so I can access the internet.


Problem now is I can't access the Server using PC 2 anymore(Still able using PC 1). My server is under a domain, let's use "Resident.local" to represent it for now, and "Resident" to represent the server name.


On the Remote Desktop connection, this is how I input:

Computer: Resident:3389

Username: Resident.local\Administrator


I've also set the RD gateway server settings to use the domain: Resident.local

Also checked Use My RD Gateway Credentials.


I get the error message: The remote resource can't be reached.

This is even after I entered the correct username and password when prompted.


I'd like to know if there are any additional settings that I need to tweak on the fortigate interface. Thanks all!


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to have a better view could you share your VIP and policy settings here?

Fortigate Newbie

Fortigate Newbie

Fullmoon wrote:

to have a better view could you share your VIP and policy settings here?


the masked IP in the VIP is my public IP address.


It's alright guys, I figured out a solution. 

I created a new SSL VPN and connected PC 2 to the VPN. Once connected through the VPN I can RDP to both the Server and PC 1.


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