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Connecting Fortigate 300C to VIP address on Cisco 802.3ad



We have 2 Cisco devices accepting connections for separate ISP. The Cisco devices have a VIP configured using HSRP. We have created an aggregate port on the Fortigate using 2 ports. We have connected each of those 2 ports to each of the separate Cisco devices, but the connection goes down.


From what I read both ends of an aggregation should support the 802.3ad protocol or have it configured. My assumption is the devices don't know whats happening, as the Cisco device will just be using normal ports(no 802.3ad configured.


Is there any way to make this config work, any settings that can be tweaked or other protocols used?




cheers Mike


This is rather a question to Cisco Support Community because you're asking if a Port-channel (either w/ LACP or without) can be formed between two Cisco devices. My understanding is it's not possible unless those devices are "statcked" as one switch.

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I've re-created my aggregate port using 2 interfaces and have removed any connections to the Cisco switches. The aggregate interface was up originally now it is down and marked "Red".


It should be up like the other interfaces that aren't connected to anything?




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